MESOTHERAPY What is Mesotherapy? The mesotherapy is a technique of multiple injections of different medications (homeopathic, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid …) on a dermal level, in order to place the components directly to the affected area obtaining maximum benefits.It can be done manually or with a mesotherapy gun. Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo uses, in most cases, a special gun that reduces the pain of the injections until it is almost imperceptible, and ensuring that the components are being placed at the desired depth and in the right amount at each point, making it essential to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

How it works?

The idea of ​​using different puncture techniques for therapeutic purposes can be traced to the same old story of man, let us remember the development of acupuncture, the use of spines cactus stings, insect bites … but it was Dr. Michel Pistor who discovered that the local administration of medications allowed to obtain improvements in various diseases, and that the improvement was not only given by the action of the drug used but also by the sensorineural stimulation.

Mesotherapy is an interstitial (gap) technique, as it develops its role into the intercellular gap. The mechanism of action of the mesotherapy is therefore given by the ability of the substance administered to produce modifications of the cellular activity, stimulating and in other cases, inhibiting the own processes of the cell, as a reaction in cascade caused by the neuro immune- endocrine unit of the skin.There are various techniques for placing, intradermal injection, Nappage intradermal, intradermal papule, spot by spot injection, acupuncture points injection; Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo will use the proper technique according to each treatment conditions.

Who does this?

It should only be done by a doctor with experience and proper training. Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo has extensive experience in this field, both in the use of mesoteraphy for cosmetic purposes and in the pain treatment, having trained directly with Dr. Ignacio Ordiz, President of the Medical Association of The Latinoamerican Mesotherapy, and the author of The Mesotherapy Treaty, which was praised by Dr. Michel Pistor himself.

How many sessions are needed?

The sessions needed depends on the pathology being treated, the characteristics of each particular case and the product injected. Generally, facial and body treatments are required a minimum of six sessions to see the changes. The sessions are held once a week, being convenient to perform a monthly mesotherapy maintenance appointment.

What kind of after-treatment care is required to maintain it?

It is important to prevent infection in the puncture area, hygiene is therefore essential. For the same reason it is advisable not to use the swimming pool in the first 48 hours, it takes time for the “punctures” to closed, it is not advisable the used of makeup the first few hours.

At the beginning of each session is only necessary to clean and disinfect the skin.
Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo, will place at the end of each session a transparent antiseptic film in spray that seals the punctures and prevents friction from clothing.

Daily activities are resumed immediately.

Can be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Mesotherapy perfectly combined with other treatments, both facial (fillers, botulinum toxin, radiofrequency, massages etc.) and body (acupressure, electrostimulation, subdermal massage, ultrasound etc.), Always taking the precaution of making complementary treatments before a mesotherapy session, as once the medication is placed, should not move from the area of ​​the application, otherwise, it would not have the desired effect.

What areas can be treated?

Mesotherapy has a wide range of use and therefore can be used in various areas depending on the treatment, commonly used in cosmetic for face, neck, chest, hands, abdomen, legs, gluteus, scalp and pain treatment, depending on the location is mainly used throughout the back from the neck to the sacral area.

What medication is used?

Currently in Spain there are multiple medications from different brands which get the desired effect. Only homeopathic medicinal products are used.

Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo uses only quality products, some of them are:Revitacare®NCTF®


Conjonctyl® (Organic Silica)

(Click on the links to view products)

Revitacare ®and CytoCare ® are effective products for face, neck and chest. Both are applied by intradermal injections and are suitable for all types of skin and colors. With Revitacare ® and CytoCare ® your skin will not turned the years.

What is it for?

Mesotherapy has a wide range of use, both in cosmetic; facial, body and hair, as in pain treatments.

Facial Mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy is used mainly for its antiaging effects in preventing wrinkles, the prevention and treatment of flaccidity, such as against free radicals, to hydrate, regenerate, nourish, and as a slimming draining treatment for double chin. It also helps in the treatment of acne and scars in general.

With facial mesotherapy we can improve the skin elasticity, moisturize, nourish and enlighten the face in a completely natural way. Although it is not used to remove or fill wrinkles, the benefits provided by facial mesotherapy improve the appearance of the same.

Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy is used to treat cellulite, flaccidity, small localized fat deposits, neck fine lines, aging hands, in the treatment of tired legs, venous and lymphatic vessels circulatory problems, edema and red stretch marks .

The treatment used has lipolytic effects, circulation activators, and collagen stimulators acting at both, vein walls and the dermis, moisturizers, tonics, drainers, against free radicals, venoustonicers and regenerators.

Capillary Mesotherapy

Capillary Mesotherapy is used to stop hair loss and to stimulate the growth and the strengthen of it. It provides satisfactory results in the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women (even more effective as earlier the initiation of treatment), as long as the hair follicles has not entered into a phase of total atrophy.

The medications used, such as vitamins, trace elements (oligoelements) amino acids and growth factors that are placed by mesotherapy, not only have a vasodilator effect, but also act directly on the hair follicle and the keratinocytes (keratine) The number of sessions depends on each individual case and the medication used. To avoid discomfort, the medications can be mixed with local anesthesia.

Mesotherapy for pain

It is used to treat painful processes of any cause, mainly those related to degenerative joint and traumatology in general, treatment of rheumatic pains, joints, muscle and bone disorders, such as back pain, sciatica, torticollis (stiff neck), tendinitis, ulnar nerve syndromes, bursitis (inflammation), ligaments, etc.

The components used have a vasodilator action, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The number of sessions required will be evaluated by Dr. Rafael Spagnuolo according to the patient’s symptoms and the origin of it.



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